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All types of massage. Available, high quality, comfortable

Exotic (non-erotic) massage at your place

If you want something exotic,
oriental massage is just what you need.

  Here you can order:

Thai massage

  • makes your body more flexible,
  • speeds up metabolism and helps to lose weight,
  • makes your skin young and healthy,
  • improves blood circulation and removes puffiness/swelling.

Warm Bamboo massage

Bamboo massage
  • removes pain in muscles,
  • speeds up recovery after injury and disease,
  • relieves stress,
  • improves health in general.

Tok Sen massage

Tok Sen
  • removes the blocks in the energy channels and physical body,
  • takes years off,
  • improves health and mood,
  • enhances blood circulation and removes puffiness.

Guasha massage

Tok Sen
  • restores function of diseased organs,
  • improves the overall immunity of the organism,
  • makes the skin younger and more elastic,
  • accelerates regeneration.

Foot reflex zone massage

Foot reflex zone massage
  • stabilizes your energy balance,
  • normalizes the cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems,
  • improves the condition of the musculoskeletal system.

  Oriental massage techniques absorbed thousand-year wisdom of Oriental medicine. The human body is a holistic interconnected system and an imbalance in one of its parts is immediately reflected in all other parts. Thus, by effecting the certain spots and channels, the therapist will make your body heal itself.


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