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Massage with bamboo sticks

Outcall warm bamboo massage in Kiev

What is the warm bamboo massage?

Massage with warm bamboo sticks is made with oil and massagist uses special, pre-heated, bamboo sticks.

Massage with bamboo sticks has ancient Eastern roots and during many centuries it has been used in the countries of south-east Asia: India, Thailand, China and the island of Polynesia, Indonesia, Haiti, Hawaii and Bali.

Bamboo massage becomes increasingly popular. It is offered as an expensive SPA-procedure around the world.

 Bamboo massage  Bamboo massage

Warm bamboo further enhances the effect of the massage. Imagine the pleasant soothing heat penetrating the muscles. It causes deep relaxation, facilitating access to muscles, and relievs tension.

Such magical and soft penetration allows painlessly work through even the deepest pressure and tension.

Results are impressive. The muscles become less tensed, the joints become more flexible and you get an amazing feeling of harmony and peace.

 Bamboo massage  Massage warm bamboo

Results of massage with bamboo sticks

Deep relaxation and stress relief

The natural reaction to physical, mental and emotional pressure are the stress and nervousness. Chronic tension does not only affectthe psycho-emotional state, it causes tension and stiffness of muscles. Ultimately, it can lead to pain, muscles become less flexible and more vulnerable to injury. The hot bamboo massage can help to get rid of stress.

Physical health and longevity

  • helps to get rid of pain in the muscles, neck, back and other parts of the body
  • renews flexibility in the joints
  • improves skin tone, renews physical force
  • speeds up recovery after injuries and diseases
  • increases energy level and harmonizes the internal state
  • improves health in general

Loss of weight and eimprovement of physical state

  • anti-cellulite massage effect makes it easy to remove the excess weight
  • lymphatic drainage effect removes excess moisture from the body
  • modelling effect improves the shape
  • tightens and increases skin elasticity and turgor

 Warm bamboo  Massage with bamboo sticks

Technique of bamboo massage

The massagist uses a set of several bamboo sticks of various length and diameter. Bamboo sticks are pre-heated. Your body is covered with oil. Bamboo sticks consistently work out all areas of the body. The smooth gliding movement of hot bamboo nicely presses muscles and joints. Heat bamboo further warms the muscles, dilates the pores. It allows the bamboo stick to impact deeply and effectively. At the same time the impact is soft and painless.

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