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Sabai massage

Outcall Sabai massage

What is Sabai massage?

Unique Sabai is one of Thai massages. It is deep tissue massage, combining traditional Thai technique and oil using. Sabai means the highest degree of pleasure.

Sabai massage, as well as Thai Aroma Oil Massage is very smooth. Technology and the impact of these massages are completely different, though. Sabai massage is primarily a deep tissue massage and therapy, while Aroma Oil massage is aimed at relaxation. Therefore, Sabai massage applies techniques which can quickly eliminate muscle pain, tensions, diseases.

 Sabai massage  Sabai technique

It has a healing effect for the entire human body. Sabai applies a special oil, which heats the muscles and in combination with traditional massage techniques influences the ability of acupressure point and the meridian lines of energy.

Certain acupuncture points are related to the internal organs and systems of the body on the reflex level. Therefore, the use of traditional Thai art allows you to recover the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, joints, and thanks to the mild effects of an oily mixture the therapist achieves the maximum effect of the procedure.

The effect of the session is a deep and complete treatment of the body, improvement of work of internal organs, lymphatic system, as well as recovery after strenuous exercise and stress. And massage oil creates relaxing effect.

Massage effects

The whole body is under the effect of the massage, thus the result is complex. Sabai massage has a stimulating and toning effect. It also ensures a rejuvenating effect. Special oil compound allows adjusting and slowing down the ageing process. And it also results in a normal sleep and metabolism of the skin; it eliminates congestion, improves functioning of internal organs and as a result, it increases life expectancy.

  Sabai  Sabai massage

Sabai will bring you a lot of pleasure, and results will surprise to the upside:

  • It eliminates energy blocks, muscle discomfort,
  • Injuries are cured, pain and heaviness in the muscles and the musculoskeletal system are eliminated,
  • Restoration of the nervous system after physical and psycho-emotional stress,
  • Harmony of body and soul,
  • You will get rid of fatigue, insomnia and depression
  • Thanks to moisturizing skin becomes softer. You will get a significant cosmetic effect, including anti-cellulite one.
  • Many people get better eye-sight after the procedure.
  • Life expectancy increases and the ageing processes slow down.

Sabai massage techniques

Sabai is associated with deep massage of muscles, impact on biological areas and treatment of energy channels. A mixture of aromatic oils is used during the session.

This massage is deep tissue massage. During the massage, the therapist uses forearms, elbows, palms. Massage starts from legs and smoothly involves the whole body to the top of the head and the tips of the ears.

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