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Slimming wrapping at your place

Wrapping at hotel, your apartment etc.

Wrapping is a procedure aimed at the rehabilitation and relaxation of the whole organism.
Acting through the skin, the components activate the   processes   of exchange   of substances, improve   the blood circulation, remove   toxins   and improve the   whole   condition of the body and your well-being.

slimming wrapping wrapping for cellulite therapy

  Wrapping is performed as follows: after the basic massage the specialist covers your clean dry body with natural pharmaceuticals, then you are wrapped in a procedural film, covered with a blanket and rest and relax for 20-30 minutes.

  Wrapping is used with different purposes:

  • to reduce the subcutaneous fat
  • to prevent the sagging of skin when losing weight, tighten the skin and make it more elastic
  • remove toxins from organism
  • to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin
  • to perform preventive care and body modelling
  • to relieve stress and relax

honey wrapping for slimming seaweed wrap

   The course (average 6-10 sessions) will have visible results: body will get tightened, weight will decrease, metabolic processes will speed up, the cells will be renewed more quickly, so you will look younger. Apathy and headaches will disappear, as well as fatigue and mood swings.

   Due to the fact that the preparation for the wrapping consists of nutrients that are absorbed through the skin, the body receives the necessary vitamins and minerals.

   You can pamper yourself by choosing from a list of the types of wrap the one, which is necessary for you (anti-cellulite body wrap, lymphatic drainage wrap, wrap for slimming of legs or abdomen):

  • seaweed wrap
  • coffee wrap
  • honey wrap
  • clay wrap
  • chocolate wrap

lymphatic drainage wrap blue clay body wrap

  The procedure lasts about 60-80 minutes and costs 300 UAH (chocolate wrapping aimed at deep relaxation lasts longer, the cost of a chocolate body wraps is 500 UAH). Wrapping is performed using high-quality hypo-allergenic European products.

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