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Our masseurs
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our team

  All massage therapists got specialized education and constantly improve skills, attending massage courses and workshops.

Kirill Chalov masseur


 Name: Kirill

 Age: 48 years

 Experience: 10 years

 Specialized in: all types of massage / Swedish, deep tissue, Thai massage, full body, sport massage.

 Motto: I make people happy, healthy and attractive!

Andrew masseur


 Name: Andrew

 Age: 49 years

 Experience: 9 years

 Specialized in: masseur-physiotherapist, manual massage

 Motto: Massage is my calling!

Dennis masseur


 Name: Dennis

 Age: 31 years

 Experience: 8 years

 Specialized in: Swedish, cellulite therapy, relaxing

 Motto:  Sport, health, joy and laugh make us successful!


 Name: Andrew 2

 Age: 25 years

 Experience: 3 years

 Specialized in: classic, sport, cellulite, lymphatic, wrapping

 Motto: I do everything perfect!

  To ask a question or appoint massage with any therapist, call +38(044) 227-58-81, +38(067)797-71-66, +38(093)390-33-57, +38(099)705-88-45 or send request on-line.

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