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All types of massage. Available, convenient, high quality service
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Outcall massage
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Professional Home Massage in Kyiv

   Suffer because of pain and health problems?
Tired of feeling unwell or need to relieve stress and blocks in the body?
Do not like the reflection in the mirror?
Just want to relax? Need a good gift?
Book a massage.

   During 10 years I made more than 15 thousand massages, more than 20 thousand hours

   Ordering my massage, you will for sure get:

  • professional outcall massage at your place (any district of Kyiv)
  • at time convenient for you
  • at available price

Prices for basic massage types:

Type Time Price
Full body massage 90-120 min UAH 900-1200
Back and neck 60 min UAH 600

Anticellulite massage

60-90 min UAH 600-900

Honey massage

60 min UAH 600
Baby massage 30 min UAH 300

Traditional Thai massage

90 min UAH 900

Warm Bamboo massage

60-120 min UAH 600-900

Sabai massage

90-120 min UAH 900-1200

Detail prices here

Outcall massage in Kiev Home massage in Kiev Massage therapist in Kiev

Massage procedure:

1. Call to make an appointment:

+38(093)390-33-57, +38(099)705-88-45

2. At time convenient for you I come to your place with massage table and hypoallergenic oil.

3. Enjoy massage.  

Массаж на дому в Киеве Массажист на дому в Киеве

Outcall massage is the most effective and convenient:

1. You do not have to go anywhere for a session;

2. You choose time convenient to you;

3. Session takes place at your home/apartment/hotel, in a familiar environment for you to get a sense of comfort and safety;

4. After session you do not need to waste cheerfulness and positive emotions for the trip home.    

      Outcall massage reduces pain, stiffness, provides a good mood, a sense of joy, lightness, freshness, and ensures increase of efficiency. There are many cases where recovery was achieved only with the help of massage! 

Home massage in Kiev Outcall massage in Kiev Masseur in Kiev
Call us to become healthier, happier and feel better!
Массаж на дому в Киеве Массаж на дому Киев Массажист на дом Киев

A good massage is a creative process in which both parties - the masseur and the client - participate.

Prices for massage services
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