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GUASHA massage

GUASHA massage at your place in Kiev

Chinese massage Guasha (Gua Sha)
is one of the oldest elements of oriental medicine
and a key instrument of the Chinese longevity

    According to the theory of Oriental medicine, vital internal energy circulates in the human body.
It flows in the energy channels connected with all tissues and organs.
A person is healthy only when this energy flows freely and is harmoniously distributed throughout the body.

  GUASHA   Massage Guasha

    The word "Gua" means "to scrape". The word "sha" means "all bad, wrong" (the analogue of the concept of "wastes, toxins"). We can say that massage "Gua Sha" means "to scrub away all wrong and bad".
    Movements during session can be fast or slow, the pressure - deep or light. Used scrapers are made of the Chinese tree, buffalo horn, nephrite ... There is used a special oil or balm (heating or cooling, depending on the desired type of effect).

Gua sha kinds

1. Therapy

  • Relieves pain

  • Restores functions of ill organs

2. Cosmetic (facial massage):

  • Removes baggy skin below the eyes

  • Increases elasticity of the skin

  • Reduces pore size

  • Removes double chin

  • Improves facial contours

3. Reducing the volume of the body (anti-cellulite treatments)

4. Relaxation

Massage Guasha   Massage Guasha

The results and the positive effect of the Guasha:

  • Vasorelaxation in circulatory system

  • Detoxication of the whole organism, removal of toxins

  • Anti-inflammatory effect for all organs and systems

  • Accelerates the flow of lymph, which contributes to a reduction or complete disappearance of edema

  • Pain relief and removal of spasms

  • Improving the overall immunity of the organism

  • Increased cell regeneration

  • Visible cosmetic effect

    After the session one can feel fatigue like after workout: effect of the Guasha session can be comparable to 20 km jogging.
    We recommended one procedure 1-2 times a week after redness and traces of the previous massage disappear. The course includes from 10 to 20 sessions, a session lasts 60 to 90 minutes (400 UAH/hour). Such courses shall be repeated 2 times a year.

Standard session:

1. Warming up (classical massage techniques)
2. Diagnosis (detection of organs subject to further treatment - at this stage reveal of chronic disease will cause minor pain and the appearance of pink to maroon spots on the skin, depending on the type and extent of the disease)
3. Therapy
4. Relaxation (upon request)

Review: Yulia, 30 years old, freelancer

    "If you have tried all the classic forms of massage and want something new; if you are tired of the pain, and standard treatments do not help; if you want to get quick and visible results - appoint Guasha session.
    My acquaintance with Guasha was unplanned, but nonetheless impressive. I know Kirill many years - I regularly order classic and anti-cellulite massage.
    After a pleasant warm-up massage therapist held diagnostics (it was unpleasant, there were stains on the body in problem areas, even though I was very nervous, traces completely disappeared in 3 days). Therapy lasted 30 minutes and ended with relaxation. After the session I wanted to sing, fly and I felt boundless joy and love towards the whole universe. Except for the diagnosis (pain in problem areas only) - Guasha will become my favorite kind of massage."

How does it work:

    Chinese interpretation: the organs of the body and the energy meridians are projected to the skin; if the organ is sick, it is reflected on the skin in the form of spots and bruises. After the therapy and re-diagnosis there are no longer stains and redness on the skin. Imagine that your circulatory system is a river with many feeders; there can be certain obstructions, but we can restore the normal flow of water in the river.

    European interpretation: therapist impacts with the scraper upon the blood vessels in the subcutaneous layer. Resilient capillaries (where blood flows) are stretched and nonelastic capillaries (where there is congestion) are released from accumulated dead erythrocytes in them, as the pressure of the scraper squeezes blood from the capillaries into the interstitial space. Accordingly, once stagnant blood was in the "wrong place", it activates the mechanism of protection/regeneration. There is a strong enhancement of local immunity, all tissues are regenerated and renewed. If a person has no stagnation of blood in the capillaries, there will be no bruises or redness at all.

  Guasha   Gua sha massage

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