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Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage at home in Kyiv

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system; it results in peace of mind, physical strength and sense of inner harmony.

According to the theory of Thai medicine, vital internal energy circulates inside your body. It moves through the energy channels connecting all tissues and organs. A person is healthy only when this energy flows freely, and is harmoniously distributed throughout the body.

Thai traditional massage  Thai yoga massage 

Words softness and rhythm as well as possible reflect the Thai massage, which is characterized by smooth pressing (to stimulate energy channels), stretching and twisting (stimulation of muscles). Massage therapist uses thumbs, palms, wrists, elbows, forearms, knees and feet. Clothing of master and customer should be comfortable, for free movement.

The benefits of Thai massage for health

  • Deep relaxation

  • Removing stress and puffiness

  • Relaxed muscles and tendons

  • Increased flexibility of joints

  • Improvement of stretching, flexibility of your body

  • Mild stimulation of all body systems

  • Acceleration of metabolism

  • Improved blood circulation and flow

  • Stimulation of the nervous system

  • Rejuvenation and health improvement

Thai traditional massage session  Thai traditional massage of back 

Details about session of a Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is given in clothes (during the session the therapist and the client wear cotton shirts and pants). For Thai massage you need some space on the floor.

   Traditional Thai massage can be used by everybody and its use is boundless. Though, some methods and techniques of Thai massage may be contraindicated in case of some skin, cardiovascular, cancer diseases and high blood pressure, as well as during pregnancy (especially at the later stages). 

   Thai massage improves blood circulation and relieves swelling; relaxes the tendons and improves their elasticity; it stimulates the activity of the nervous system; improves blood flow, smoothes, makes skin young and healthy. 

   Thai massage improves the stretching and makes the body flexible and fit. After a course of massage you will feel that your body is filled with health, youth and vitality. 

   Live a life full of energy and joy.

I have been acting as a massage therapist for over 8 years. I deal with Thai massage more than 5 years, after passings trainings on traditional Thai massage (basic and advanced levels).
Session lasts: 90-120 min.
Cost: UAH 600-800
Phone: (044) 227 - 58 - 81, (067) 797 - 71 - 66

   Our prices are here.


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