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Foot reflex zone massage

Reflexology foot massage (segmental reflex massage)

The ancient healing art of reflexology is known by humanity for thousands of years. It was used by the ancient Indians, Chinese and Egyptians. Throughout history, different cultures have developed therapeutic methods of treating feet. 

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   Your body has the ability to heal itself. After an illness, stress, injury, or damage it is in a state of imbalance, with blocked path of life energy, which does not allow body to operate. With reflexology (massage of reflex zones), you can restore the natural balance of the body and speed up recovery.

    The basis of acupuncture is the concept that the human body, as well as the personality as a whole is a holistic interconnected system and an imbalance in one of its parts is immediately reflected in all other parts of the body. On the soles of the feet, as on the atlas, each part of the body has its own spot. While pressing these points, performing reflexology foot massage, the masseur stimulates the relevant organs.

    This unique method will stabilize the energy balance of the body, improve the cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems, and musculoskeletal system. In addition, it is a powerful way to heal the body.


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