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TOK SEN massage

Outcall tok sen massage

What is Tok Sen massage?

Tok Sen Massage refers to one of the most ancient oriental massages. Tok Sen massage techniques are used for over 5,000 years.

"Tok" means "hammer" and "sen" is a line of vital energy. Sen or ten main lines represent 72,000 channels of vital energy flowing through the entire body. Proper technique of influence on these lines will help to maintain the balance of the vital energy of the body and the mind releasing blockages and increasing the flow of energy along these lines.

A hammer and a stick for tapping, made of wood transfer energy to the human body alongside with the deep vibration.

 Tok Sen  Tok Sen

Vibration as well as possible penetrates into the muscles and relaxes deep muscle layers, improving mobility and joint function.

Sound vibrations further cleans the energy channels and improves the psychological state.

In Thailand this unique practice of impact upon biologically active (acupuncture) points was developed in the same way as acupuncture in China.

Depending on the intensity and strength of the massage, it can be done as:

Relaxing (for relaxation, fun and recreation)
Toning up (to restore strength, relieve fatigue)
Curing (to treat and work with the problem areas)

 Tok Sen  Massage Tok Sen

Why is Tok Sen useful?

Vibration and depth of penetration of the massage Tok Sen are unique and have no analogues.

First. They remove blocks of the energy channels and the human body. Body becomes relaxed, cheerful and full of new forces. After few sessions some people say they found not only a new body, buy a new personality.

Second. On the physical level, healing of vibration rejuvenates the body. Tapping effects the deepest muscle tissues, nerves and lymph. It results in clearing and rejuvenation (of the blood and lymph tissue). Vibration stimulates cells to regenerate and restore.

Third. At the psycho-emotional level it improves mood, you feel relaxed, and full of energy. After this massage the body gets good relaxation and new energy.

Fourth. Medical studies show that Tok Sen massage helps even to people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, partial and complete paralysis of limbs, disorders of the muscles.


Efficiency of massage

To date, European scientists conducted a number of studies of impact of Tok Sen upon the human body. They say that Tok Sen can be considered as one of the most effective therapeutic massages all over the world. Compared with other types of massage, it has by several times larger impact and range of perspectives.

The positive effect of Tok Sen massage:

Increase of the body energy, energy recovery, elimination of energy blockages in the energy lines;
Cleaning of the body off negative energy and toxins;
Eliminating stress in the muscles and fascia, the effect of deep relaxation including muscles removed from the skin surface;
Restoration of mental and emotional status by removing the effects of stress;
Remedy at neurasthenia, headaches, diseases of the spine and joints.

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