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Massage of legs
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Proper massage of legs will make them  healthy for a long  time

Regular massage of the feet, fingers, and legs will prevent from the formation of varicose veins and swelling by improving lymph flow and normalization of blood circulation.

Massage of legs  Massage of leg muscles  Therapeuthic legs massage  Feet massage
   Legs massage improves blood circulation and lymph flow, prevents the formation of varicose veins and swelling of the legs. Also massage of leg muscles relieves muscle fatigue after physical load, constant feeling of heaviness in the calves. Legs massage is a component of the regular care, and is a great help in many diseases of legs.
   Therapeutic massage is useful for treatment of hypertonia, weight loss, at a curvature, at flat feet. Such massage is not forbidden at varicose, but it shall be done very carefully.
   Also, relaxing massage is indicated for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, soft tissue injuries, spines, joints, peripheral nerves, central paralysis. In addition, it significantly improves overall health, you will forget about heaviness and cramps.
Legs massage  Massage of muscles of legs  Feet massage


Slimming legs massage


  The effectiveness of legs massage, the price of which depends on the level of the masseur and the used method, is confirmed by therapists all over the world.

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