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Head massage
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Head massage is a simple and useful way to get rid of fatique

Firstly, it takes little time and available anywhere, even at work.
Secondly, it is useful because it removes fatigue and stress.
Thirdly, the head massage is very useful for hair growth. 

    Head massage helps to cope with a variety of physical and emotional problems, especially if the ache is provoked by stress. Massage of head and neck gives a lot of positive feelings. After this procedure, you will get rid of the symptoms and fatigue, head pain and dizziness.

    Massage of the head and neck area reduces the excitability of tissues and has a relaxing effect, helps maintain healthy hair and prevent hair loss. It also improves memory and helps to recover.

    Scientific researches confirm the favor of head massage. It turned out that the proper head massage results in generation of so-called hormones of happiness - serotonin and endorphins. Massage of the head and neck (especially for people working in office) will result in a feeling of lightness and vigor throughout the body!





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