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Arms and hands massage

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Classic and therapeutic massage of hands and arms will keep them healthy for a long time

Massage of hands and arms enhances lymph flow, blood flow to the skin, improving its state on the micro level. The skin becomes elastic, smooth and supple, it becomes less vulnerable to temperature and mechanical stress.

   Hands and arms massage is effectively used as a cosmetic procedure to cleanse the keratoderma, dust particles and other contaminants that clog pores. Arms and hands massage is an important component of the regular care of your hands, and it is a great cure of many diseases of hands.
   Arms and hands massage can be divided into classical massage, therapeutic massage, and anti-cellulite massage.
   Relaxing hands and arms massage is indicated for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, soft tissue injuries, spines, joints, peripheral nerves, and central paralysis. In addition, the health is significantly improved and fatigue disappears. It is also very useful after workouts.

  Why is the classical arms and hands massage so useful?

  • relieves stress from loads during the day;
  • helps to eliminate tiredness, returns arms sensitivity, restores blood circulation in the skin;
  • revitalizes the skin, prepares it for cosmetic procedures;
  • regular arms and hands massage will slow the aging process, making hands and arms beautiful;
  • regular arms and hands massage helps to remove cellulite and excess fat;
  • when pressing certain spots on the hands and fingers, we can effect organs of the body;
   In turn, the arms therapeutic massage is able to recover the arm muscles after physical loads and injuries, strengthen ligaments, blood vessels and joints. The consequences of a broken arm, wounds, edemas quickly disappear under the influence of such massage.
  Through hands and arms massage, the skin is better supplied with blood and oxygen, becomes smooth; muscular system, joints and ligaments become more elastic, improving function and reducing omuscle strain. Massage helps to take away an excess fluid and the lactic acid from the muscles after workout.
   Special influence of such massage is detected on the central nervous system, stabilizing its functionality and condition.
   I recommend doing a hands and arms massage with a back massage or within a full body massage.
   When ordering separate hands and arms massage session will last 30 minutes/UAH 150.
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