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Classic massage of back, legs, head
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Full body classic massage will improve health, prevnt or cure diseases

    Classic (Swedish) or therapeutic massage is the most common manual massage of the full body, which is used for the treatment of various diseases and to prevent them.
   Wellness classic massage, in a couple of weeks will bring the body to tone, give a feeling of lightness and make the skin taut and toned.

    Classic massage can be full body (Classic full body massage - back, head, legs, arms, abdomen), and separately for (back massage, legs massage, head massage, arms and hands massage), it can be used both for welness and remedial purposes. Sports and relaxing massages are also performed using the classical massage techniques.

    As a rule, welness Swedish (classic) massage consists of methods of varying intensity exposure. The first step involves heating: stroking and rubbing, the second - kneading; third stage may include vibration, shaking, stroking, relaxing.


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