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Back and neck massage
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Therapeutic back massage at home
relieves pain, relaxes muscles

Do you spend a lot of time driving, at your desk, in the gym, at manual labor? Do you need to relieve pain, stress and relax? Appoint a massage session here.

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   Back massage is the most demanded procedure. For 8 years I made about 2,5 thousand back massages. The result of a back massage is immediately noticeable - the pain goes away, muscles are relaxed. I recommend a few sessions (5-10) to enhance the cumulative effect of massage and to get rid of chronic pain.  

   Session lasts up to 60 minutes.

   Cost is UAH 600 (get discount for a course of massage, i.e., 7-10 sessions).

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Massage procedure:

1. Call to make an appointment:

+38(093)390-33-57, +38(099)705-88-45

2. At time convenient for you I come to your place with massage table and hypoallergenic oil.

3. Enjoy massage.  

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   Back massage has a complex effect, it stimulates (or vice versa - relaxes, depending on techniques), improves blood circulation and increases lymph flow, removes tension in muscles.  

   A back is covered with muscles. It is the place of accumulation of stress, pain, especially in the deep and superficial muscles above and between the shoulder blades and lower back.

   Therapeutic massage restores damaged tissues, increases blood circulation and removes puffiness, harmonizing nervous system, and revitalizing the internal organs.

   Back massage is useful at osteochondrosis, pain in the back, scoliosis, and it is used to strengthen the back.

   Relaxation back massage is especially valued for its relaxing effect. Your spin gets physical stress that leads to tension in the deep and superficial muscles above and between the shoulder blades and lower back. A full course of back massage (from 7 to 12 sessions) helps to significantly strengthen the muscle corset. Neck massage is made at the same time with the back massage.

   To achieve the desired effect, the duration of the course of back massage is defined individually, and the procedures are carried out in a day or daily.

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