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Couple massage

Couple massage is
the best way to spend time together

This type of massage will help to cope with stress and restore health in pleasant company of your couple. Two masseurs, working in parallel, will help you to achieve relaxation and harmony and to stay on the same wavelength with your couple.

Massage for two Spa Massage for two Romantic Massage for two

  Massage for two is massage program for two persons. It is carried out simultaneously in one room, by two specialists (a romantic massage is a great gift for your couple). Couple massage can be carried out for two persons, or a couple in a romantic relationship, or for mother and daughter, or two sisters or two friends (girlfriends) as a relaxing massage.

  You can spend a massage in silence or in a pleasant conversation with each other.
  It is time for rest and mutual understanding.

  Knowing that your loved one is nearby, and experiences the same pleasant feelings, like you, can greatly contribute to your comfort and relaxation.

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