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Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic drainage (lymphatic) massage

Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the movement of lymph in the body.
Lymph is a kind of connective tissue, which is a clear, viscous liquid. It is used for the flow of water, proteins, salts, metabolites and toxins from the tissues into the bloodstream, and also has a protective function. Human immunity depends on the proper functioning of the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic drainage body massage  Lymphatic drainage at home  Manual lymphatic drainage massage of the face, body, abdomen, arms

  Lymphatic drainage massage of the entire body (or separately legs or arms) helps to reduce body weight, improves skin tone, leveling its color, to get rid of cellulite. As a result you will get normalized metabolic processes in the body, increases immunity. After a course of lymphatic drainage decreases swelling and headaches. Instead there comes a sense of vivacity and lightness.

  Lymphatic drainage (lymphatic massage) effects the lymphatic system as a whole. It relaxes the muscles, compressing blood vessels, and it allows the lymph to circulate freely throughout the body. Under the influence of lymphatic drainage you will get the improved metabolism and excess fluid will be removed from the body. Varicose veins are effected and this leads to a reduction of pain and swelling of legs.

  Lymphatic drainage improves skin tone. From sluggish and flabby, sking becomes elastic; massage increases its elasticity, reduces wrinkles, smoothes out the external appearance of cellulite (it is lymphatic drainage, along with anti-cellulite massage and honey massage will help to get rid of cellulite). Cleansing of the lymphatic system will strengthen the immune system.

  Hand (manual) lymphatic massage cleanses the body of toxins and normalizes the function of internal organs and systems of the body as a whole, it relieves stress and tension.

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