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Honey massage

Honey massage at your place
anti-cellulite, for slimming, at degenerative disc disease

Honey is known for its miraculous properties for more than 2500 years. It is not only tasty and healthy treat, in medicine it is used to treat wounds and burns, it is also an excellent solution for the cosmetic and medical procedures.

Honey massage at home Honey massage Honey massage

    Even ancient healers at Tibet used magic healing properties of honey: they were the first not only to take it inside, but rub it into the skin. So that was a honey massage, which today is considered one of the most effective ways to lose weight and the most effective remedy for cellulite.

     Bee  honey has healing properties, it contains a lot of vitamins, thus it is very useful. During the massage there is applied the natural honey, it is quickly absorbed by skin and it enriches organism with useful elements.

    The technique usually involves an intensive body massage, which is accompanied by strong pressing with palms.

Choose type of honey masssage depending on your aims:

  • Honey anti-cellulite massage perfectly eliminates overweight, improves skin tone and helps to get rid of cellulite; it increases the elasticity of the skin.
  • Honey facial massage cleans the pores, helps with peeling, tones and nourishes the skin. Perfect for dry, oily and rapidly aging skin.
  • Honey massage of belly is a great means in the fight against excess centimeters and fat. It improves digestive system, increases the tone of the abdominal muscles and gives a feeling of lightness.
  • Honey massage of back is a great way to improve blood circulation in the tissues, it intensely nourishes the skin, and removes toxins. It is perfect for sedentary lifestyle.
  • Honey cupping massage is used for body shaping and weight loss. It also improves the texture of the skin, increasing its elasticity, smoothness and silkiness.

Honey massage at home

    It shall be noted that honey massage helps to restore the normal functioning of joints, relieves stress and is excellent for prevention of stress and fatigue.

   Honey massage nourishes your skin with biologically active substances and removes the upper layer of the epidermis - skin becomes strong, flexible and healthy; massage with honey takes metabolic products away, improves lymph and blood circulation.

    Honey massage can be performed not only as a separate treatment, but also as an addition to the anti-cellulite program.
    Honey anti-cellulite massage will not only help you to get rid of skin problems, weight loss and fatigue, but also will fill you with ease and cheerfulness. Honey manual or cupping massage of the arms and legs, neck, body, abdomen, and thighs will make your happy with guaranteed results.

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