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Massage for babies and children

Baby massage at home in Kiev for a child from  1,5 month to a year

Does your child suffer from muscle tone, torticollis and dysplasia?
A weak immune system or poor physical condition?
Is it difficult for a baby to sit up or hold the head?
Is there a doctor's referral, or you yourself want to improve child's health?
Here you can appoint a session of baby massage

   For 8 years I have made more than 1500 sessions of baby massage. During the course, we will cure torticollis, relieve dysplasia and significantly improve the overall physical condition of your baby. As practice shows, the baby massage program (10-15 sessions) seems equivalent to about two years of daily physical trainings for adults.   

Session duration is to 30 minutes

Cost is UAH 200


   Baby massage Full body baby massage Baby massage at dysplasia  Baby therapeutic massage at hypertonia

Stages of the procedure:

1. Phone +38 067 797 71 66, +38 093 390 33 57, +38 099 705 88 45 to appoint a session

Baby massage is made on the changing table or sofa. Prepare diaper and oil/cream, common for your baby (if any)

3. Baby massage should be performed between feedings, for the baby to be neither hungry nor overfed

Baby massage at home prices massage for babies under 1 year Baby massage Massage for babies

   Baby massage can help if a child has:

  1. congenital curvature of the neck (torticollis)
  2. dysplasia
  3. congenital "clubfoot"
  4. flat-footedness
  5. deformation: X-shaped and O-shaped legs
  6. hypotrophy
  7. rachitis
  8. exomphalos
  9. scoliosis
  10. central nervous system disorders
  11. neuromuscular diseases
   Baby therapeutic massage at hypertonia  Baby massage Full body baby massage Baby massage at dysplasia

   Starting from two weeks and later there is tactile sensitivity, perception and transfer of any irritation to the skin. This is due to the fact that in fetal development all organs and systems embed their " representatives " as a biologically active spots and zones on the skin.

   Under the influence of tactile sensitivity the brain of the baby disperses or delays the production of chemicals to regulate the processes of chemical and physical development of the baby. Therefore, it is important and necessary to start touching, care and fondle the baby's skin as soon as possible.
  Professional therapeutic massage for children (newborn to infants, children of any age) removes hypertonia of muscles, improves blood formation and circulation. It accelerates the movement of lymph, stimulates skin nutrition and musculoskeletal system.
  Full body relaxing massage and gymnastics shall be available to all healthy children from 1.5 months, and if there are certain diseases, it shall be applied earlier.

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